In Memory

it is with sadness I report the recent passing of several classmates:
Cynthia Brown - Class of 69
Carolyn Blackshear - Class of 67
Bobby Pennamon - Class of 67
Willie Frank Butler - Class of 68
Mamie J. Anderson - Class of 65 
By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Hatchell Pate Adams (Class Of 1963) (Deceased 2013)
Mamie Jean Anderson (Class Of 1965) (Deceased 2018)
Eloise Andrews (Andrews) (Class Of 1961) (Deceased 2001)
William (Billy) Banner (Class Of 1959) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Cleveland Brown (Class Of 1965) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Willie Butler (Class Of 1968) (Deceased 2019)
Verbal Clark (Class Of 1966) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Vera Dixon (Johnson) (Class Of 1960) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Caesar Ferguson (Class Of 1954) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Frankie Ferguson (Class Of 1954) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Roy Frazier (Class Of 1956) (Deceased 2015)
James Johnson (Class Of 1965) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Laura McGriff (Dunston) (Class Of 1953) (Deceased 2015)
Jamie Mims (Taylor) (Class Of 1966) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Johnny Nelson (Class Of 1965) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jimmy Pitts (Class Of 1965) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert Powell (Class Of 1963) (Deceased 2010)
William Powell (Class Of 1965) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Louise Ross (Class Of 1965) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Odessa Rozier (Manora) (Class Of 1967) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Raymond Scott (Class Of 1959) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert Scott (Class Of 1962) (Deceased 2014)
Jimmy Singeltary (Class Of 1962) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Vivian Tharpe (Blackshear) (Class Of 1967) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Willie Lee Thomas (Class Of 1965) (Deceased Year Unknown)

If you are aware of a Schoolmate who should be added to this page please let us know.