HHI/Bozeman Ed. Foundation


The HHI/Bozeman Educational Foundation was formed in 2007 to provide support to young college bound seniors at Hawkinsville High School, who are descendants of alumni of Hawkinsville High & Industrial or Bozeman High and to assist young, aspiring students in their quest to become great leaders of tomorrow, through the expending of funds directly for such purposes, all within the purview of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations therewith, and as authorized by the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code..
The HH&I /Bozeman High Educational Foundation strive to give each and every applicant an equal opportunity to obtain educational funding.
The Foundation had a goal to establish a $15,000 endowed scholarship by 2012.  The goal was exceeded in 2012.  At the 2014 reunion, the goal was increased to $25,000.  As a result of continuing fundraising and investment, the endowed fund has a balance of $32,000.  THANKS to all of you who have contributed.  
Barbara L. Adams, Chairman
Henry Harden, Vice Chairman
Mary B. Colson, Treasurer
Betty Simmons, Secretary
Jannie Barden
Kathryn A. Boston
John Boston
David C. Dennard
Sam Harden
Shirley Lemieux
Wilma McDonald
Joe Powell
Bettie Solomon
Willie Powell
Larry Stephens
Joyce A. Martin
 EIN: 20-5790464